Adam & Eve
Avaon MICP-90017

Roine Stolt: Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Tomas Bodin: Keyboards
Hans Froberg: Vocals
Daniel Gildenlow: Vocals
Jonas Reingold: Basses
Zoltan Csorsz: Drumkit
Hasse Bruniusson: Percussion
Jaime Salazar: Drumkit on Disc2 except 5,7,8,9

All words & music by Roine Stolt, except
"Days Gone By" & "Babylon" by Tomas Bodin and
"Timelines" by Jonas Reingold & Roine Stolt

Recorded at Cosmic Lodge between January and May 2004
Drums & bass recorded at Reingold Studios

Produced By Roine Stolt 2004
Production assistant: Tomas Bodin
Layout: Hippified Art
Cover Painting By Ciruelo Cabral
Photo: Roine Stolt & Lilian Forsberg
Management: Robert Palmen Music Promotions


*Disc 1*
1. Love Supreme (19:50)
2. Cosmic Circus (3:00)
3. Babylon (2:41)
4. A Vampires View (8:50)
5. Days Gone By (1:10)
6. Adam & Eve (7:50)
7. Starlight Man (3:30)
8. Timelines (7:40)
9. Drivers Seat (18:22)
10. The Blade Of Cain (5:00)

*Disc 2 (Special Edition Bonus Disc)*
1. Exerpt From Valkyrian
2. Mr. Hope Goes To Salzburg
3. One Whole Half
4. Agent Supreme
5. Violent Brat
6. The Woman With No Shadow
7. She Carved Me A Wooden Heart
8. Space Revolver
9. Jupiter Backwards

オリジナル・リリースは1枚もののアルバムだが、Avalon盤は2枚組でディスク2にレアな音源を多数収録した日本だけのスペシャル・エディションとなっている。Disc2の音源は、「The Rainmaker」(2001)の限定盤ボーナス・トラック(Disc2 1-6)と、1999年の来日公演会場で、当時の新作「Flower Power」(1999)の日本盤を買った人にプレゼントされたミニ・ディスクの音源(Disc2 7-9)を完全収録。
本編(Disc1)は、TFKの持ち味が生かされた大曲Love Supremeと、続くCosmic Circus〜Babylonの夢見心地な美しさが圧巻。Daniel Gildenlowがシアトリカルに歌うVampire's Viewも面白い。The Blade of Cainのロイネらしいギターソロも素晴らしい。その他、バラエティに富んだカラフルな曲が並んでいる。

Live Assault from Tribeca New York More Improvised & Irritating Dancemusic
for Your Collection
Belle Antique MAR-04979


July 3, 2003 Tribeca Hotel, NYC
The Bridge Fetish (12:56)
This Is The Night (6:59)
BetchaWanna (Daytripper) (18:05)
Belly Dancers From Hell (10:34)
Don't forget to Flush (5:25)

June 30, 2003 Hamilton Street Cafe, NY
The Modal Acid Dance (10:11)
Gold Fish in Bowl Trap (13:05)

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